Creamy Pork Tenderloin with Green Beans

A delicious and creamy dish featuring tender pork tenderloin with a rich tomato cream sauce, served with green beans and ham.

Creamy Pork Tenderloin with Green Beans

Follow the steps below to cook the desired recipe

1. 1. Season the pork tenderloin with spices of your choice.

2. 2. Sear the pork tenderloin in a hot pan until browned on all sides.

3. 3. Add the scallions and ham to the pan and sauté until fragrant.

4. 4. Stir in the tomato paste and cook for a few minutes.

5. 5. Pour in the heavy whipping cream and simmer until the sauce thickens.

6. 6. Meanwhile, steam or blanch the green beans until tender-crisp.

7. 7. Serve the creamy pork tenderloin over a bed of green beans and enjoy!